Let's talk about real estate photography.

Have you ever searched the MLS or other websites and are shocked at the photos you are seeing and asking yourself, WHY? I see it everyday, photos that are sideways, blurry, dark or better yet a picture of a toilet. REALLY?

I have even seen photos of kids and animals. BIG NO, NO!!!

Is your real estate agent taking your photos with their phone? Are you thinking, "no real estate agent would do that".

Unfortunately, they are!!

A professional photographer should be hired for every listing, no matter the price of the home. This is the #1 marketing of your home. If photos are bad the entire listing is bad. Please do yourself a favor and make sure that the agent you are interviewing to list your home is planning on hiring a professional photographer. Ask to see photos of their other listings.

On the day of the photo shoot of your home, make sure your ready and your home is looking its best.

Spruce up your lawn and lay fresh melch.

Remove all clutter from countertops in kitchen and baths.

Clear all tables and limit knick knacks.

Hide garbage cans, dog items etc.

Open all blinds so home is light and bright.

Make beds and pick up clothing off the floor.

Photos are the first impression buyer's will have of your home, so make sure you are hiring an agent that will make your house stand out from the others.

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